Month In Review

I can't believe today marks ONE MONTH officially working as a Young Adult Service Corps Volunteer, what a wild adventure it has been so far. As a new month begins and I reflect on my time so far, my cup is overflowing with joy and excitement thanks to the kindness and support I have received since the moment I got off the bus in Guatemala City. I wouldn't have been able to get this point, getting to tell you about all the wonderful things that are unfolding without the support I have received.

This Point

I've had multiple meetings with the Episcopal Church in Zona 6, which is a red zone, about the possibility of developing a youth program. This coming month I will continue to meet with youth, community leaders, and the municipality to explore this possibility further. I have been supporting the Youth Ministry Committee and will lead a human rights workshop at their Congressional Event. I'm developing human rights workshops for parish retreats based on the Baptismal Covenant and 5 Marks of Mission. I'm working with a priest and his wife who have experience in the Human Rights sector at developing a formational program for youth and running a diagnostic of the Diocese. I'm also meeting with Guatemala Youth Initiative and Safe Passage about developing a faith-based cross-cultural education program for youth in the United States and Guatemala. I will also be visiting a Church in Villa Nueva on Sunday to explore the possibility of supporting the congregation to advocate for environmental rights. This month I will also be meeting with Unicef and will be attending a week-long training on the Guatemalan Context and child migration at Cristosal's Global School.

I feel so lucky to have this opportunity to support the Diocese of Guatemala and their work with youth and human rights in Guatemala, a place where it is talked about so little and yet in so much need. Thank you to all the passionate people who are driving this exciting work.